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MARITIME DAY 2016 - 36th Anniversary

Galilee Harbor is located at the foot of Napa Street in central Sausalito, California. The Harbor is bounded by Schoonmaker Marina to the north and northeast, Dunphy Park to the south.

The Galilee Harbor Community Association is a member-run cooperative community composed of artists and marine workers. Residents of Galilee Harbor are actively employed in marine and artistic occupations, including boat-building, boat repair, sail-making, marine canvas work, creative writing, theater, painting, photography and other visual arts.

Boat builders and their families have lived next to the Mono Street Marsh in Sausalito since the 1800s (see HISTORY). The drive to become a legally permitted community began in earnest on August 4, 1980 when developers arrived at 6 in the morning and began demolishing the boat-building sheds on the uplands. By 4 o’clock that afternoon the residents had a restraining order in place.

The residents formed a non-profit corporation and bought the land and water parcels from the developer. After 18 years of negotiation with the City and the BCDC, the Association received permits to build a legal live-aboard marina based on the premise that by providing low-cost housing to artists and maritime workers it was helping to preserve the working Sausalito waterfront. Financing and construction took five more years. Member boats moved to the new marina in December 2003.

The Galilee Maritime Service Harbor is dedicated to the preservation of Sausalito 's traditional working waterfront uses and creation of diverse public access opportunities. The on-going redevelopment of the site has created paths and viewing areas from which the public can enjoy views of the bay and marsh from the shore. Floating docks open to the public allow waterfront visitors to walk out over the water and view the interesting and historic boats berthed at Galilee.

The historic Issaquah ferryboat pilothouses will offer public displays of waterfront memorabilia. The public also will be able to see traditional wooden boat-building in process in the boatworks planned for the uplands.
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